How to Spot a Fake Med Spa

Scared at the Doctors Medical spas - also called med spas - have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Because med spas blend traditional spa treatments with medical procedures, it’s important that you do your homework to ensure the med spa you’d like to visit complies with state regulatory boards.

What Is a Med Spa?

Med spas typically offer medical level aesthetic skin treatments in a relaxing spa-like atmosphere. Med spas differ from day spas in that a licensed physician (usually a dermatologist or plastic surgeon) must oversee the day-to-day operation of the facility. Although aestheticians can provide many basic spa services, a physician or other accredited professionals must perform clinical procedures like medical injections or chemical peels. Med spas also educate their patients on how to avoid future sun damage in addition to offering targeted procedures to reduce the signs of aging.

What Services Do Med Spas Offer?

Med spas usually offer some or all of the following services:

  • Acne therapies using chemical peels, laser therapy, or topical medications
  • Wrinkle-reducing therapies including Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and more
  • Laser therapy to reduce the appearance of spider veins
  • Laser hair removal
  • Chemical peels and laser therapies to remove signs of sun damage
  • Massages
  • Salt scrubs
  • Aromatherapy
  • Seaweed wraps
  • Non-medical facials
  • And more

How to Choose a Good Med Spa

First, make sure the med spa you’re interested in has a licensed physician on the premises at all times. Although aestheticians can perform many services, a physician should be present in case of an emergency like an allergic reaction. Ideally, the med spa you choose should offer a free consultation regarding the services you want to receive and give you all of the information necessary about the procedures and costs for you to make an informed decision. A good med spa will have a caring, attentive staff that’s dedicated to making you feel relaxed and pampered during your procedures. Also, ask for recommendations from friends and family who’ve had positive experiences at a med spa.

Warning Signs of a Fake Med Spa

Unfortunately, some med spas cut corners and engage in illegal activities in an attempt to offer rock bottom prices to attract customers. These med spas use expired products, medications intended for animals, and other deceitful practices. The old saying “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” applies to any med spa offering medical services well below average prices. Telltale signs of fraud include:

  • Hiding labels on medical products – a good med spa will show you the products they use. Botox vials have a hologram sticker to prove it’s authentic.
  • Going to the “back room” to get your products – Reputable med spas will open new vials of medication and syringes in front of you to show that they haven’t been tampered with.
  • Not accepting the Brilliant Distinction rewards program – This program gives reward points to patients who uses Botox. If your med spa doesn’t participate in this program, it could be using fake injectables.

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