Enlighten Tattoo Removal

Enlighten Tattoo Removal

Who said that tattoos are designed to last forever? Thanks to the revolutionary advancements in laser technology, enlighten will quickly rid you of what you would like to forget. Fortunately, de-inking has progressed from a so-so, time-consuming process to a much faster, safe and effective method. Finally, that unforgettable tattoo can become forgotten with the most advanced laser tattoo removal technology available in the market—enlighten.

What is Enlighten?

Enlighten Tattoo Removal is the most advanced laser system for the effective and safe removal of tattoos and benign pigmented lesions.

Why Is Enlighten Better Than the Other Laser Tattoo Removal Systems out There?

The Enlighten machine uses extremely short and high-power picosecond laser pulses which efficiently and quickly break down the ink particles in tattoos. Picosecond laser pulses have been shown to remove tattoos more completely and in fewer treatment sessions than traditional lasers used in the past.

How Many Treatment Sessions Are Required?

The total number of treatments vary depending on the composition, depth and the color of the ink, as well as the size of the tattoo. You should be prepared for multiple treatment sessions and we can give you a better idea of the total number of treatments needed during your consultation and once your treatments begin.

Is the Procedure Painful?

Patients compare the procedure to a rubber band being snapped against their skin. Topical or local anesthetics can be provided to minimize discomfort.

Are There Any Side Effects Following the Treatment?

Most patients experience redness and swelling immediately following the treatment. These side effects are temporary.

Is There Any Downtime Associated with the Treatment?

Patients can return to regular activities immediately following the treatment.

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