Should I Get My Tattoo Removed or Covered Up?

Tattoo RemovalDo you have tattoos? Do you love every single one of them? If you’ve had tattoos for a long time, chances are pretty good that you’ve outgrown your attachment to one or more of them. Maybe you’re tired of seeing your old boyfriend’s name on your shoulder, or you realize the unicorn you got on last year’s girls' weekend wasn’t the best decision. On the other hand, maybe you love your tattoos but would like to add more detailing to them. Whatever your reasons, laser tattoo removal is a great choice for a clean slate.

What Is Enlighten Tattoo Removal?

The Enlighten system of tattoo removal is the gold standard for fast, effective, and safe tattoo removal. It’s also approved for removing pigment from benign growths or lesions, giving you a renewed sense of confidence.

How Does It Work?

During an Enlighten procedure, a medical provider uses a high-powered laser that emits short, powerful pulses of light to quickly and efficiently destroy ink particles that make up tattoos. The Enlighten system uses a picosecond laser that is proven to remove tattoos more quickly and with much better efficiency than traditional lasers.

The number of Enlighten treatments you’ll need to remove your tattoo is determined by the size, color saturation, composition, and depth of your tattoo. The medical provider can estimate the total number of sessions you’ll likely need based on an initial consultation.

The Enlighten laser is much less painful than traditional lasers used for tattoo removal in the past. People usually describe the sensation as being snapped by a rubber band. You can opt for a topical or local anesthetic to further reduce any pain associated with the procedure.

After each procedure, you’ll probably notice some redness and swelling, but there is no downtime so you can move on to your regular activities after a session.

What Are the Benefits of Enlighten Versus Getting a Cover-up Tattoo?

With the painful lasers of the past, most people opted to live with their unwanted tattoo or have an artist cover it up with something else. Unfortunately, there are many drawbacks of getting a cover-up tattoo.

Cover-Ups Use More Ink – To cover an existing tattoo, the artist must use dark ink, often in twice or three times the normal amount. This limits your design choices, especially if your existing tattoo already features a lot of dark ink.

Cover-Ups Take Up More Space – To completely cover a tattoo, you usually have no choice other than to get a larger tattoo in its place. This hinders your design and size choices.

With the Enlighten laser, you can remove old tattoos or even just a portion of one. For example, if you love your flower tattoo but not your ex’s name in the middle of it, you can have the name removed and then filled in with new ink. Enlighten easily removes black ink, making it a breeze to remove black text tattoos that you no longer want. Not only can it remove a bad memory, Enlighten gives you a fresh canvas to get newer, fresher designs. Another benefit to Enlighten is that it can remove many different colors, including difficult to remove colors like reds or mixed colors.

Glamoi Med Spa offers Enlighten tattoo removal in addition to many other skin rejuvenation treatments designed to make you look younger and more confident. If you’d like to remove an unwanted tattoo or fade portions of it to allow for new ink, make an appointment with us today.

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